Help with PhD Dissertations and Master's Theses

We provide help to faculty and students with statistical advice, data management and customized statistical analysis related to research projects, PhD dissertations, Master’s theses, etc.
The help can include all stages of the research process: research design, statistical methodology, sample size, power analysis, data collection, data entry and data management, managing databases, data description and presentation, statistical analysis and forecasts, and interpretation of the results. For survey related projects we can help with the survey instrument design, sampling plans, spatial and time considerations.

Past Projects (Roumen Vesselinov):

  • Ph.D. Thomas Canace, “The Valuation of Innovation. Evidence from the Asset Decapitalization – Redeployment Cycle”.
  • M.S. Deepa Wani, "Statistical Models for Spatial Thermal Data Collected at Jones Ecological Research Center”. Chair: Prof. John Grego.
  • M.S. Cassondra Bigini, " Statistical Models in Analyzing Mixing Characteristics of the Congaree River for the Saluda Hydroelectric Project". Chair: Prof. John Grego.
  • Ph.D. Eugena K. Griffin, "The Psychometric Validation of the Racial Stress Coping Scale (RSCS) for Use Among African American Populations".
  • M.S. Nitesh Dhingra, “Model Selection Issues with Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedastic (GARCH) Models.
  • Ph.D. Caroliniana M. Sandifer, “The Economics of Virtualization,” Moore School of Business, Economics Department.
  • M.A. Julie Royer, “Evaluation of Prophylactic versus Preemptive Approaches to Prevention of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Disease in Liver Transplant Recipients”.
  • Ph.D.  Aureo Deo DeFreitas Jr., “The Effect of Complete Teacher Sequential Instruction Patterns, Teacher Delivery Style Behavior, and Student Attentiveness on Musician Evaluation of Teacher Effectiveness”.