Help with Grants and Publications

QC Stat Lab can provide help to faculty, independent researchers, organizations or agencies with the preparation, submission and execution of grant proposals, research grants, manuscripts, papers and other publications.
We can help with the preliminary considerations for writing a research or grant proposal regarding the quantitative aspect of the projects and all stages of the research process: research design, statistical methodology, sample size, power analysis, data collection, data entry and data management, managing databases, data description and presentation, statistical analysis and forecasts, and interpretation of the results.
For survey related projects we can help with the survey instrument design, sampling plans, spatial and time considerations.

. Past Projects (Roumen Vesselinov):

  • 2013 National Institute of Justice (NIJ) grant, Juvenile Mental Health Courts, Policy Research Associates (PRA), PI - L. Callahan.
  • 2012/13 MacArthur Foundation grant, Mental Health Courts, PRA, PI - H. Steadman.
  • 2007/10 National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01 grant, Efficacy of Laryngeal High-Speed Videoendoscopy, USC, PI – D. Deliyski.
  • 2006/8 NIJ grant, Poly-Victimization History among Girls Adjudicated Delinquent, USC, PI – Dana DeHart.
  • 2006/7 NIH R21 grant, Cortical Plasticity Following Hemispherectomy. The Effects of Intervention, USC, PI - S. de Bode.
  • 2003/04 NIJ grant, Validating the Brief Jail Mental Health Screen, PRA, PI – H. Steadman.
  • 2003/04 MacArthur Foundation grant, Involuntary Outpatient Commitment, PRA, MacArthur Research Network on Mandated Community Treatment, PI – H. Steadman.
  • 2001/02 Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) grant, Mental Health and Juvenile Justice, PRA, PI – H. Steadman.
  • 2000/03 NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, Violence Risk Assessment Software, PRA, Phase I and II, PI – H. Steadman.
  • 2000/02 Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) grant, Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness, PRA, PI – D. Dennis.
  • 2000/02 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant, Women, Co-Occurring Disorders and Violence Study, PRA, PI – V. Williams.
  • 1996/01 MacArthur Foundation grant, Violence Risk Assessment Study, PRA, PI – H. Steadman and J. Monahan.